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Design Leaders Conference

Design Leaders Conference 2024

Design, the Act of Leadership

At its best, Design is a quest for and the creation of the new and the better. It is a distinct act of leadership requiring vision, courage, and the ability to bring others with you. The Design Leaders Conference 2024 explored how we bring leadership to the work itself, to our clients and stakeholders and to the teams we lead and collaborate with.

The Design Leaders Conference brings together design leaders and experts who together are shaping the future. It's an opportunity to hear practical insights, talk shop, dig into challenges, develop new ideas, and spend quality time with your peers.

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Get inspired by our thought leaders’ unique perspectives on Design, the Act of Leadership, with industry and business-focused talks ranging from overcoming key challenges of managing design, defining and honing your leadership style, to the future of our work, instilling new strategic thinking in your business or unlocking opportunities for you, your team and clients, as we strive to Design a better, more sustainable, user-friendly and innovative future.

Brave Decisions

The true catalysts of change are the designers who dare to be bold, challenge the norm and question the status quo. Design's transformative power and its potential for societal impact only unfold when designers muster the courage to make brave leadership decisions. Unpacking this, we will explore how to make a difference by making uncomfortable choices and challenging our work, business models and clients in response to emerging issues.


Embrace the responsibility of design to lead and initiate meaningful change and navigate the changing landscape for design and business, while still delivering innovation and value for clients. From AI to Sustainable Design & New Trends, speakers will ensure you lead the charge, armed with the latest real-world insights, new tools, excitement about new possibilities and readiness to innovate.


Take a deep dive into the topics that pose the greatest challenges for those who lead design teams and run successful creative businesses. Hear from well-established clients about what they want and value and learn what it takes to build a successful client/designer relationship. Challenge your thinking around how to lead for growth and develop successful, enduring creative teams

“It gave me time out to think about my business”

— Mary Doherty, Red Dog

“The best conference for meeting fellow designers and connecting with peers”

— Bobby Comerford, Catapult

“An opportunity to benchmark my thinking on design as a profession”

— Stephen McGilloway, Bigsmall Design