Breakout Sessions

Attendees will have the opportunity to attend one of our 3 breakout sessions:

Build it and they will come…

Imogen Pudduck & Carla Cringle, FizzBangPop

In this 25 minute interactive breakout, Imogen and Carla will help you to bottle up what makes your business special and start creating a winning culture that inspires your people to do their best every day.

Grow Your Clients

Jonathan Kirk, Up To The Light

How do you ‘sell’ without appearing to sell, how to add value for the client and the agency, how to structure the client development effort? Jonathan will explore these topics in his breakout session.

How to Differentiate

Rhonda Page

Rhonda's breakout session will dovetail on her morning session "How to be So Different That Everyone Will Want to be your Client." You're going to walk away from the session with a lot of new ideas and possibilities for differentiation and change. This breakout session will take you a step further with the opportunity to discuss your new ideas and get live on the spot coaching from Rhonda.