Why Attend?

Want to know what Design Leaders Conference is like? Take a look at the photos from last year's conference and see what our previous attendees had to say.

‘Design Leaders Conference really highlighted the importance of strategy and business development in a design studio’

– Bren Byrne, Ways & Means

‘It was so useful to truly focus on the business element of design over the creative for once and to hear how other design professionals handle this element of what we do’

– Ronan Holohan, Millimetre Design

‘What makes the Design Leaders Conference so unique is that it is specifically focussed on business owners. No Waffle!’

– Stephan Quinn, Atomic

‘Design Leaders Conference is an outstanding event, an open platform where we can network, share ideas and listen to the opinions of other leaders nationally and internationally. It is great that we get such a valuable opportunity on this scale and level to talk to our industry peers about the challenges we face and opportunities we meet. We look forward to the next event.’

– Jane O'Reilly, Image Now Consultants

‘It was great to bring away knowledge I could apply instantly in our studio’

– Charlotte Barker, Dynamo

‘It was incredibly useful to take a deep inward look at our agency to see what it is we need to do to continue to build a strong team culture as well as a profitable business’

– Nathan Reilly, Tiny Ark

‘It was all very useful, very insightful, great actionable advice’

Celine Dee, RichardsDee

‘I found it really useful to hear how other creative leaders approach the management side of their businesses’

– Fiona Duffy, Originate

‘I gained practical, evidence based advice and conclusions, which I found both insightful and instructive’

– Oran Day, Atelier

‘I came away both motivated and inspired, with lots of ideas to use in my own studio’

– John Gavin, TrueOutput

‘I got great insight into studio processes and motivations as well as learning how other studios price and charge for their work’

– Kevin Horan, Aad

‘I feel completely re-energised about our business’

Brian Stephens, Design Partners

‘Speakers at the Design Leaders Conference really addressed issues that we specifically needed’

– Colin Farmer, Unthink

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