Underpinning Creativity with Strategy

Workshop with Matthew Brown


Workshop with Matthew Brown

About Matthew

Matthew Brown is a London-based retail futurist, and founder of Echochamber, a specialist creative retail intelligence agency, with a global client base of retailers, developers and FMCG brands.

Matthew travels the world tracking retail innovation and evolving consumer trends in order to provide creative and strategic insight for clients across all retail sectors, to empower them to harness evolving global consumer and retail trends for business development and innovation.

Echochamber’s research enables them to energise and inspire clients with new possibilities and work closely with retailers through to global brands such as Nike and IKEA, FMCGs such as Unilever and Johnson & Johnson, as well as leading global shopping mall developers. is a free online magazine of global retail innovation.

In this fast-paced workshop, Retail Futurist Matthew Brown will help you underpin creativity with strategy.

The best designers underpin their creativity with solid commercial understanding to deliver strategic value for their clients. Retail design incorporates many elements of design from branding and interiors, to graphic, digital and service design.

Matthew Brown has his finger on the pulse of global retail and trend benchmarking, informing his workshop on how competitor, customer and trend insight can be used to win pitches and drive the strategic and design briefs, taking into consideration the collaboration and partners required to bring the brief to life.

No preparation is required for this workshop.

Workshop content:

  • Global Retail insights
  • Trend Benchmarking
  • Strategic and design briefs
  • Partners and Collaborators
  • Q&A

Sleep for Creativity & Productivity

Workshop with Russell Beck


Workshop with Russell Beck

About Russell

Russell Beck is widely acknowledged as a thought leader across all aspects of talent management and people strategy; from the future of work, attraction, engagement and retention to belonging, purpose, meaning and individual productivity. He couples a research-driven approach to people and work for inspirational and thought provoking insights to unlocking potential and productivity. Russell challenges, inspires and motivates people to move quicker and further than they previously thought possible.

In his role as Director of Inspiration at Think Make Do, Russell connects dots in an informative way to help organisations take tangible actions to unlock the potential and productivity of their most expensive and most important asset, their people. He has consulted and supported boards and leadership teams of companies of all sizes – FTSE100, Fortune500, SMEs – and across many sectors including technology, engineering, pharma, retail, finance and hospitality.

How sleep impacts you and your organisation, and what we can do about it is a challenging and inspirational session designed to stretch your imagination and unlock the value of your people.

‘What sets organisations apart is their people - and if your organisation has a wellness programme of any sort and you are not considering sleep, then you are just tinkering at the edges’ Russell Beck

A worrying revelation from a recent McKinsey business leaders survey found that ‘46% believe that lack of sleep has little or no impact on leadership performance’ while research continues to show how surprisingly important sleep is. Sleep permeates every aspect of our being, impacting our health, our mental and physical wellbeing, our emotional state and our work. Just one bad nights sleep will reduce our productivity by up to 57% - and for most people, pulling an all-nighter, from a responsiveness perspective, is the same as being legally drunk.

This workshop will surprise and shock you in equal measure. Sleep really matters, to ourselves and our teams, but it also comes with good news; it’s never too late to start. Learn how to get a good nights sleep and increase productivity and wellness by being fully awake in the day.

Learning objectives:

This session takes the current research and literature from across academia and business to deliver an understanding of:

  • sleep , what it is and why we all so often take it for granted
  • The impact a lack of sleep has on us, physically and mentally, and even down to rewiring our DNA
  • The resultant impact lack of sleep has on organisations
  • Why sleep should be a core element of your wellness programme
  • 10 tangible methods we can individually use to get more sleep