We're assembling a diverse group of speakers to discuss how to embrace the challenges of design leadership in their own unique ways. Our line-up isn't yet complete so check back soon as we'll be adding more names to our schedule soon.

What Clients Think

Arguably, the biggest variable between agencies lies not in levels of creativity but in the quality of their business relationships. Understanding these relationships and how they can be strengthened is the key to client retention and development. Jonathan will present this year’s ‘What Clients Think’ report, its main findings and the implications for how agencies win, retain and nurture their clients - invaluable ‘from the horse’s mouth’ evidence to help agencies channel their efforts more effectively.

About Jonathan

Jonathan is the founder of Up to the Light, a consultancy that advises creative agencies on positioning and strategy, and all aspects of business improvement and growth, challenging some of the ingrained assumptions that exist in our industry and providing effective, insight-led advice Jonathan’s senior roles have included Business Development Director of Fitch, the global brand design group, and New Business Director of Havas EHS (now Havas Helia), one of Europe's largest agency networks. Jonathan is a founder member of the Design Business Association’s Experts Register and is a frequent conference speaker and trade press contributor.


How to create a business that's so different everyone will want to be your client

Creating a business that's differentiated is not about saying you’re different, good branding, or marketing. In this talk Rhonda will show how to walk the path to true differentiation with ideas that will change and evolve your business and create something more fun and more lucrative, and help you get inspired about your business again.

About Rhonda

Brand creator and business coach Rhonda Page has 30 years experience building global brands for companies like Kraft and Coca-Cola. She has a unique talent for seeing how a business can evolve from where it is into something new and different that has the potential for greater revenue and increased leverage. She's a speaker and published author and has been coaching creative entrepreneurs all over the world since 2010.